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Restart your Budget (without removing transactions)

If you've fallen behind on your budgeting and want to start fresh without starting from scratch, follow these steps to reset your budget:

Step 1: Address Uncategorised Transactions

  • Go through any transactions that haven't been categorised.
  • If you're unsure where to assign certain transactions, create a temporary category named "Budget Reset".
  • Once you've categorised all transactions, you can hide this temporary category.

Step 2: Reconcile Your Accounts

Using the Reconcile feature, bring your accounts up to date with a current balance. This ensures that your accounts reflect the actual available funds.

Step 3: Adjust Previous Months' Budgets

  • Navigate to the month prior to your new start (e.g., the end of May).
  • Review each budget category:
    • If a category has a negative balance, allocate additional funds to bring the balance to zero.
    • If a category has a positive balance, click on the category and transfer the balance amount back to the "To Budget" area.