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Your Finances — made simple

Actual Budget is a super fast and privacy-focused app for managing your finances. At its heart is the well proven and much loved Envelope Budgeting methodology.
You own your data and can do whatever you want with it. Featuring multi-device sync, optional end-to-end encryption and so much more.

Set up on PikaPods in 2 minutes* Set up manually

Be involved in your financial decisions

Automated finance tools are great, except when they aren’t. We provide you with tools that are quick to use, but ultimately you are in control. We help you learn, instead of dictating.

Meticulously designed for speed

A beautifully designed interface is fine-tuned to get out of your way and make it as fast as possible to explore your finances.

Unabashedly local-first software

Actual is a local app, plain and simple. Your data is synced in the background so all devices have access, but the app totally works regardless of your network connection. This also allows end-to-end encryption to keep your data private.

Powerful budgeting made simple

Save hundreds of dollars a year (at least!) by tracking your spending. Based on tried and true methods, our budgeting system is based off of your real income instead of made up numbers. This makes you face your real spending, and clearly shows how much you are saving each month. We make this process as simple as possible. Learn more

The fastest way to manage transactions

Breeze through your transactions and update them easily with a streamlined, minimal interface. Categorizing your transactions correctly is important and we’ve optimized this process. Manage split transactions and transfers all in the same editor.

Oh my, the reports

Intuitive reports give you a quick way to learn about your finances. By default, we include net worth and cash flow reports. Actual also includes a powerful custom report engine to design your own reports to fit your needs.

So many features!

Everything in one place

Add all of your accounts and track everything in one place. Get valuable information like net worth from all your accounts together. Learn more

Syncing across devices

Self-host our syncing service. It’s easy to set up, but uses sophisticated distributed systems technology to sync changes across any number of devices. Learn more

Bank Sync

Actual has built in support for bank syncing using goCardless (EU/UK) and SimpleFIN (US/Canada). Learn more

Envelope Style Budgeting

Use the power of envelope budgeting to get on top of your finances. You can only budget cash you have on hand, which means your budget stays realistic and you don't make numbers up. Learn more


Manage transfers easily by creating transfer transactions. Actual will link the transactions on both sides and update them together. Learn more

Importing Transactions

Import transactions from the most popular financial files: QIF, OFX, QFX, CAMT.053 and CSV. Learn more

Undo & redo

A robust undo system allows you to rollback any changes you make, and redo them if desired. Never worry about making mistakes. Learn more

Migrate your data

We provide builtin YNAB4 & nYNAB importers that keep all of your history. There are many more available from the Actual Community. Learn more

Dark Mode

Choose your own style with a built in dark mode and dynamic theming using your system default.


If you're a developer, we got you. Use our fully-featured API to write custom importers or build your own features. This API simply runs on your local data. Learn more

Own your data

Actual allows you to effortlessly sync changes by running your own server. Access updates from anywhere with peace of mind. For those seeking next-level security, our optional end-to-end encryption ensures your data remains unreadable, even to the server.

* PikaPods donates 20% of fees people like you pay to run Actual on their servers to our Open Collective. Regardless of this relationship, we believe PikaPods is the easiest way to get started with Actual.