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Backing up your Actual budget


If your budget is very old, you may have trouble restoring large backups. If you’re encountering this issue, click “Reset Sync” under 'Settings' > 'Show advanced settings' to reset sync, then make the export again. This should reduce the file size.

You can export your data from Actual at any time. To do so,

  1. Login to your budget, click 'More' > 'Settings'

  2. Scroll down to the Export section and click Export Data

  3. Save the file somewhere on your computer - that is it done.

Manually creating a backup from the desktop app

This will force a backup to be created right now. Do this if you are going to do something that you might want to revert later (and don't want to use undo).

  • Select the File > Load Backup… menu item
  • Click Backup Now