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· 4 min read

The release has the following notable features:

  • Goal templates: Now have percentage driven targets.
  • Goal templates: Changed how compounding 'by' matches are filled. Now uses an average across templates.
  • Goals: Add priority support.
  • Nordigen: Ability to configure credentials via the UI.

· 6 min read

Actual has now been moved to a stand-alone Docker organization. If you were previously using jlongster/actual-server docker image - please update it to actualbudget/actual-server.

The release has the following notable features:

  • Rules can now optionally be applied when any of their conditions match (in addition to the existing option to apply when all of their conditions match)
  • Rules: quick-create option from the transaction table (in the “X selected” menu that shows up after selecting a transaction, choose “Create rule”)
  • Ability to hide decimal places for currencies with large numbers (in Settings → Formatting)
  • New autocomplete component (please report any bugs here)
  • Lots of smaller improvements and bugfixes

· 5 min read

The release has the following notable features:

  • Experimental support for automatically syncing transactions from European bank accounts using Nordigen.
  • Filters in the transaction list can now be edited.
  • When connecting to a server for the first time, you no longer need to enter the server URL.
  • You’ll now be notified of future updates to Actual.
  • Large imports will no longer break in Safari.

· One min read

This release allows the user to bypass the SharedArrayBuffer warning that prevented the budget from loading in 23.2.5 when HTTPS was not in place with a certificate

The release has the following improvement.

  • Allow bypassing of SharedArrayBuffer warning when not using HTTPS

· 4 min read

This release introduces a breaking change, there is now a requirement for Actual to be served over HTTPS when not running on localhost. If you don't have a reverse proxy or certificate Actual will not load your budget.

The release has notable security improvements. Highlights:

  • e2e encryption
  • login invalidation when changing password
  • dependency upgrades to remove potential actual-server security vulnerabilities (although we don’t believe there were any severe issues)

· 2 min read

The release has notable of improvements of:

  • Read-only responsive view, this replaces our mobile apps, it is notable that this is read-only at this stage.
  • Improvements to the sidebar design