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Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 13 Jan 2024

Thank you for choosing Actual Budget, a super fast and privacy-focused app for managing your finances. This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand how your personal information is collected, used, and safeguarded by Actual Budget.

1. Information We Collect:

1.1 User-Provided Information:

  • Actual Budget does not require any personal information for its basic functionality.
  • If you choose to enable optional end-to-end encryption, your encryption key is generated locally on your device, and we do not have access to it.

1.2 Automatically Collected Information:

  • Actual Budget does not collect any data automatically, and no tracking mechanisms are employed.

2. How We Use Your Information:

2.1 App Functionality:

  • Your financial data is stored locally on your device and is not transmitted or stored on our servers.
  • Multi-device sync is facilitated through secure, direct communication between your devices and your server (if you have set-it up) without involving any third-party servers.

2.2 Optional End-to-End Encryption:

  • If you choose to enable end-to-end encryption, your financial data is encrypted on your device before transmission, and only devices with the correct encryption key can decrypt and access the information.

3. Data Ownership:

3.1 You Own Your Data:

  • We believe in empowering users. You own your financial data, and we do not access, store, or use it for any purpose.

3.2 Data Portability:

  • You can export your data from Actual Budget at any time, giving you the flexibility to move your information wherever you choose.

4. Security:

4.1 Local Storage:

  • Your financial data is stored securely on your device. We do not upload or store your data on external servers.

4.2 Optional Encryption:

  • If you choose to enable end-to-end encryption, your data is further secured with a key known only to you.

5. Changes to Privacy Policy:

  • Any updates or changes to this Privacy Policy will be communicated through the website.

6. Contact Us:

  • If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy, please contact us via the community Discord.

  • By using Actual Budget, you agree to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. Please review this policy regularly for any updates. Thank you for choosing Actual Budget for your financial management needs.