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· 6 min read

Hello budgeters!

I hope you all enjoyed the last blog post focused on how to use goal templates. If you haven't read it yet, you might want to start here. While we always recommend embracing the envelope system and getting a month ahead on your budget, there are some situations where that just isn't possible right away. I'm going to introduce a method here that uses the goal template system that uses your income as you receive it throughout the month using priorities.

· 15 min read

Hello budgeters! I hope you are all enjoying Actual as much as I do! As a new year is approaching so is the goal-setting and reflection season. I'm hoping to help some of you with potential new years resolutions by making budgeting as easy as possible while still reaching for your goals. I believe that Actual is a great tool for this whether you have a simple budget or a complex one.

One hurdle that many have with budgeting is that it takes constant effort to stay up to date. Entering transactions, assigning categories, reconciling with your bank and others can hold us back. I hope to give you some pointers and strategies today to reduce some of the stress of budgeting by streamlining the budgeting processes with goal templates.