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· 2 min read

As some of you may have noticed a lot of the URL's for our documentation, official test instance of Actual Budget and other parts of the project have silently been changing over the last few days, we can now give you an update on why, we have taken the decision to move everything relating to the Open Source version of Actual Budget to and this takes effect across the project with immediate effect, some of the changes you will see include;

The website is powered by the same static site generator as the documentation, in fact it is the same instance, we have added a custom home page allowing us to continue using Docusaurus as our static site generator, the great thing about this is that is keeps everything Open Source, including all the blog posts.

Talking of the blog, this change will introduce a blog feed, you can find that here if you are looking for posts specific to releases you can have a look at the release tag historical releases will be added as posts over the coming days.