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Release 24.4.0

· 4 min read
Matiss Janis Aboltins

The release has the following notable improvements:

  • Stability improvements and various edge-case bug fixes
  • (Experimental) custom report improvements - please report your feedback here

Docker tag: 24.4.0


Version: v24.4.0


  • #2398 Add option to make a transfer from two selected transactions. — thanks twk3


  • #2408 Updating the way the "budget" page links to the "accounts" page when clicking on the "spent" column items to use the filters functionality — thanks carkom
  • #2410 Create a list where disabled items can be easily managed for custom reports. — thanks carkom
  • #2416 Bank sync quality of life improvements: show "pending" status on accounts, progressively import new transactions instead of waiting for all account sync to finish before adding them to the ledger. — thanks MatissJanis
  • #2429 Hide hidden categories on the Category AutoComplete. Allow a prop for showing (with indication). — thanks Shazib & carkom
  • #2441 Show a modal to confirm unlinking accounts. — thanks psybers
  • #2446 Provide "api/category-groups-get" API endpoint — thanks psybers
  • #2476 Show account sync indicators when viewing accounts on mobile. — thanks psybers
  • #2505 Change custom reports overview cards to use live data. Also, stops saving data query in saved report db table. — thanks carkom
  • #2526 Adding new icon to better match the area graph type — thanks carkom


  • #2404 [Goals] If no sinking funds are used, apply existing category balance to simple schedules to 'top off' the category. — thanks shall0pass
  • #2409 End of month cleanup - revert logic introduced in 2295. Ignore rollover categories. — thanks shall0pass
  • #2419 Implemented a "pill gesture" icon on navigation bar for better mobile UX — thanks CampaniaGuy
  • #2421 Fix OFX import amount when more than 2 decimal places are provided — thanks keriati
  • #2422 Fix colors for the budget name and category name in the accounts view on mobile. — thanks shall0pass
  • #2434 Fix flaky transfer e2e test. — thanks twk3
  • #2447 Show scheduled transactions when viewing "All accounts" — thanks psybers
  • #2452 Fix budget key tab navigation. — thanks twk3
  • #2455 Import reconciled transactions from ynab4 — thanks youngcw
  • #2460 Fix background color on bulk edit dialogs in Midnight theme. — thanks shall0pass
  • #2461 Fix midnight theme autocomplete hover color. — thanks joel-jeremy
  • #2462 Fix header column overlap when cleared is selected. — thanks dangrous
  • #2464 Fix csv/ofx import sometimes importing duplicate transactions — thanks MatissJanis
  • #2474 Import reconciled transactions from nYNAB — thanks Wizmaster
  • #2475 Fix error when viewing uncategorized transactions when there are upcoming scheduled transactions. — thanks psybers
  • #2485 Do not include off-budget transfers in the expenses calculation for cash-flow card (align it with the cash-flow reports page). — thanks MatissJanis
  • #2487 Fix mobile accounts page pull to refresh functionality — thanks joel-jeremy
  • #2489 Fix hotkeys sometimes stopping to work. — thanks MatissJanis
  • #2492 Error catch for reports overview page. — thanks carkom
  • #2494 Fix: disallow importing with invalid transaction amounts (that would result in the app crashing without a way to recover). — thanks MatissJanis
  • #2504 Fix mobile account transactions page not loading more transactions when reaching end of page. — thanks joel-jeremy
  • #2528 Fix custom report page cold-reload crash. — thanks qedi-r
  • #2530 Fix mobile autocomplete colors. — thanks joel-jeremy


  • #2381 Update Input onChangeValue and onUpdate prop naming for consistency. — thanks joel-jeremy
  • #2388 Update shared transaction module to strict typescript. — thanks twk3
  • #2403 Move some TypeScript files to strict mode — thanks MatissJanis
  • #2417 Delete experimental sankey feature - development abandoned. — thanks MatissJanis
  • #2425 Reorganize mobile components. — thanks joel-jeremy
  • #2443 Add WIP to new pull request titles — thanks carkom & twk3
  • #2453 Enabled strict TypeScript in rollover budget components. — thanks MatissJanis
  • #2459 Convert BudgetTable component to a functional component. — thanks joel-jeremy
  • #2479 Changing custom reports variable naming from "months" to "interval" so it's less confusing when adding new intervals — thanks carkom
  • #2481 Convert most common components to strict TypeScript — thanks MatissJanis
  • #2500 Autocomplete changes related to mobile modals. — thanks joel-jeremy
  • #2529 Adding extra console.log lines to the bank-sync operation to improve troubleshooting — thanks MatissJanis

Actual Server

Version: v24.4.0


  • #316 Add SEB Private Bank integration to gocardless. Handle that SEB is sending the creditor name in additionalInfo. — thanks myhrmans
  • #325 Add custom bank adapter for 'SEB Kort Bank AB' to properly sync credit card transactions. — thanks walleb