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Release 23.8.1

· 2 min read

The release has the following notable improvements:

  • Fix: nYNAB importer
  • Fix: footer color when using responsive mobile version
  • Fix: schedules with approximate values breaking the transaction package
  • Fix: allow undoing schedule creation operation
  • Fix: various goal template issues
  • And other fixes and stability improvements

Docker tag: 23.8.1


Version: 23.8.1



  • #1448 Goals: Fix 'up to' calculation to include current month spending — thanks shall0pass
  • #1450 fix Eye.js to change color dynamically based on style element passed to it. — thanks carkom
  • #1452 Goals: Schedules allow filling for future months — thanks shall0pass
  • #1456 Fix the mobile footer color back to the previous version — thanks aleetsaiya
  • #1458 In some situations the text in the Select component will be too big, which will make the inner vertical scrollbar appear. This PR is to hide the vertical scrollbar. — thanks aleetsaiya
  • #1460 Fix transparent background on titlebar. — thanks carkom
  • #1461 crdt: making the package fully TypeScript strict — thanks MatissJanis
  • #1462 Fix import from nYNAB and error-handling of other importers — thanks MatissJanis
  • #1463 Fix creating a new schedule with the same name as a deleted schedule — thanks MatissJanis
  • #1464 Goals: Applying templates would zero non-templated categories — thanks shall0pass
  • #1473 Fix approximate schedule values showing in balance pill when selected — thanks MatissJanis
  • #1473 Fix approximate schedule values showing in balance pill when selected — thanks MatissJanis


  • #1431 Move big input component into Input.js, port some of the manager app to TS — thanks j-f1
  • #1437 crdt: make typings more strict — thanks MatissJanis
  • #1438 crdt: upgrade murmurhash dependency — thanks MatissJanis
  • #1449 Update link in README for release notes — thanks shall0pass

Actual Server

Version: 23.8.1

No changes from the previous version.