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Release 23.6.0

· 5 min read

The release has the following notable improvements:

  • Ability to hide categories from budget page
  • Custom filters in reports
  • Experimental Nordigen configuration via the UI (simplified onboarding)
  • Experimental goal template improvements

We would like to thank all of the contributors including the 8 people that made their very first contribution to the code base for their contributions to this release, if you happen to find any issues please raise a GitHub issue here or post in ⁠support.

Docker tag: 23.6.0


Version: 23.6.0


  • #994 Reports: ability to filter the data by payee/account/category/etc. — thanks MatissJanis
  • #1060 Added the ability to hide category groups while keeping them in the same category group. — thanks Miodec
  • #1011 Add ability to filter the Manage Payees screen to show orphaned payees only. — thanks sudoCerb


  • #964 Introduces a ResponsiveProvider as a foundation for future mobile development. Makes transaction entry available to many mobile users in landscape orientation. — thanks trevdor
  • #995 Number Format: Add a new option (space-dot) e.g. "1 234.56" — thanks TheTrueCaligari
  • #1004 Add option to not remove funds when using an "up to" goal template. — thanks youngcw
  • #1016 Add menu item and keywords for end-of-month budget reassignments — thanks shall0pass
  • #1023 Created development docker container — thanks jonezy35
  • #1029 Make number parsing agnostic to decimal and thousands separators — thanks chylex
  • #1034 Updated account order inside the account autocomplete popup to: On Budget, Off Budget, Closed Accounts. Removed closed accounts from suggestions when creating a new transaction. — thanks Miodec
  • #1052 Templates: Add option to only apply schedule template to the month of the schedule instead of spreading out the charge. — thanks youngcw


  • #999 Transactions table: when creating a split transaction - focus on the "debit" field next. — thanks MatissJanis
  • #1000 Reports: 1y date range should be 12 months, not 13 months — thanks MatissJanis
  • #1008 Reports: Add Upcoming/Due transactions in the "Selected balance" sum (Issue #319) — thanks TheTrueCaligari
  • #1017 Bugfix: amounts for schedules incorrectly read in 'space-dot' format. — thanks TheTrueCaligari
  • #1019 Fix infinite loop condition in repeat goal — thanks youngcw
  • #1028 Bugfix: Goals template compounding - Large target differences resulted in not enough funding — thanks shall0pass
  • #1033 Remove unnecessary message in the “Find schedules” modal — thanks j-f1
  • #1038 Fixed a bug where it was possible to make a transfer to the same account as the one making the transfer. — thanks Miodec
  • #1048 Fix a couple of bugs/inconsistencies in the Electron app — thanks j-f1
  • #1049 Goals Schedule - Include spent in calculation — thanks shall0pass
  • #1054 Re-export the API methods at the top level of the @actual-budget/api package like they were in the past. Note: If you were using the api.methods.<method> syntax to access API methods in recent versions, that is now deprecated and will stop working with the next major release of the API package. — thanks j-f1
  • #1056 Change copy-migrations shebang to bash. yarn build failed on copy-migrations because /bin/sh is not bash on WSL and doesn't expect -e — thanks fry
  • #1058 Fix date calculations in Goal Templates by adding a time zone correction — thanks shall0pass
  • #1059 Goals: Undo change that broke some template parsing — thanks youngcw
  • #1067 Fix link to spent transactions for a budget category — thanks MatissJanis
  • #1083 Goals: Fix bug that made repeat values >9 fail parsing. — thanks youngcw
  • #1084 Fix error if sink/source were defined in same category. — thanks shall0pass


  • #979 Convert top common components in desktop-client to Typescript — thanks albertogasparin
  • #1001 Improve Actions setup, add more automation around issue management — thanks j-f1
  • #1002 Add missing migrations to the API package — thanks j-f1
  • #1003 Fixing Electron App — thanks Shazib
  • #1005 Detect more errors in JS OFX importer. — thanks Sinistersnare
  • #1012 Add link to current feature requests to README. — thanks youngcw
  • #1015 Enable ESLint’s curly rule — thanks j-f1
  • #1022 Improve behavior of shift-clicking checkboxes to select multiple transactions. — thanks j-f1
  • #1032 Adds support for dev containers, allowing for easier contributions. — thanks jlsjonas
  • #1036 Remove dependency on @reactions/component — thanks j-f1
  • #1037 Convert few other components in desktop-client to Typescript — thanks albertogasparin
  • #1042 Update Yarn — thanks j-f1
  • #1043 Upgrade react-spring, remove wobble dependency — thanks j-f1
  • #1045 Update to React Router v5.1 conventions to facilitate the v6 upgrade. — thanks trevdor
  • #1061 Use the useLiveQuery hook in a couple more places — thanks j-f1
  • #1064 Integrate useMemo into useLiveQuery — thanks j-f1
  • #1070 Add a few more eslint-plugin-import rules to keep our imports tidy — thanks j-f1
  • #1078 Migrate some files in desktop-client to use Typescript. — thanks TomAFrench
  • #1079 Remove stale reference to loot-design package. — thanks TomAFrench

Actual Server

Version: 23.6.0


  • #204 Fix build process for edge Docker images — thanks j-f1
  • #208 Migrate to the combined release notes action from the main repo — thanks j-f1