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Release 23.2.9

· One min read

This release allows the user to bypass the SharedArrayBuffer warning that prevented the budget from loading in 23.2.5 when HTTPS was not in place with a certificate

The release has the following improvement.

  • Allow bypassing of SharedArrayBuffer warning when not using HTTPS

Docker tag: 23.2.9


Version: 23.2.9


  • #644 Allow bypassing SharedArrayBuffer override — thanks j-f1


  • #640 Fix coloring of the “Split Transaction” button in the category picker — thanks j-f1
  • #641 Fix prop name for button to enable e2ee — thanks j-f1


  • #638 Allow the Netlify frontend to connect to arbitrary servers — thanks j-f1
  • #639 Move desktop-client deps to devDeps — thanks j-f1

Actual Server

Version: 23.2.9


  • #128 Upgrade to ESM, update to latest dependencies — thanks j-f1
  • #131 Move source code to an src/ directory — thanks j-f1