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Interface Overview

Now that you have Actual installed, you are going to be itching to get using it, this section of the documentation shows how to use the Actual application and what each part does.

The Interface

The Actual interface is simple but powerful at the same time, if you are new to the application this page will explain what each part of the interface does.

Months To Show

It is possible to show more than one month on the budget, to do this select the amount of calendars you would like months to show, for example, if you select three calendars, three months will show on the budget, the current month and two month's in the future. By default, only one month (the current) will show.

Sync Status

This shows the sync status of your budget, this will display an error if the Sync Status is not functioning.

Month Selector

You are able to select the current month by selecting it from the Month Selector, this allows you to move back and forward through your budget.

Selected Month Overview

This gives an overview of the current month from available funds, budgeted amount and more.

Budget List

This is your budget, this is where all your category groups and category headings will show, this is also where you budget your money against these categories.

Category Group Heading

This is the category group heading, each collection of categories has a heading, for example if you had long term savings you could create a group heading called long term savings then within that you could have Holiday or Car you can find out how to add a category group here

Category Heading

The category headings are the headings for each individual item in the budget, if we take the examples above, these might be Holiday or Car you can find out how to add a category here